Funky Giraffe Moccasins – Review

All the way back at the end of July I was sent the most adorable baby moccasins from Funky Giraffe to review.

Funky Giraffe

Typically we had an amazing summer and it has been so glorious that Sebastian has only just had the chance to wear them now.

The moccasins from Funky Giraffe have lots of colourful designs for both boys and girls and have flexible leather soles ensuring that your babies muscles develop in their feet leading to increased strength in their foots arch. 

The cotton sock is lovely and thick and helps grip babies leg.  It looks comfy to wear and ensures that the shoes stay on the foot instead of being dropped on the floor. 

I got Sebastian the smallest size and at three months old they are still slightly too big, however they did stay on his feet despite him kicking the covers on his pram and I was happy that they kept him nice and warm too.

The moccasins are a fantastic alternative to shoes, which I find are easy to kick off and will ensure baby’s feet stay nice and snug, whether they are in or out doors.

With prices starting from £7, and discounts for multiple purchases these are a great buy and the perfect size to add to a stocking from Santa!

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