The Daddy Effect

My husband works long hours…….mostly I cope very well but occasionally it all gets , well, on top of me.

Today was one of those days.

Sebastian has been poorly for a couple of days but seemed to be coming out the other side……until tonight.

This evening Isaac wouldn’t stay in bed, Eliza was howling and wouldn’t go to sleep and Sebastian just wouldn’t stop crying.

Of all the nights it could happen Hubby was running late.  I was desperately trying to settle Sebastian, console Eliza and manage Isaac with little success and the neighbours must have wondered what was going on next door.

Daddy rolls in at 9.15pm. Eliza sees Daddy and finally passes out in the sofa whilst I’m pacing the lounge with Sebastian.

Isaac mysteriously settles instantly and as soon as Daddy comes back from getting changed he takes Sebastian who has a brief chat and then falls almost instantly asleep.

I swear he doesn’t believe I have had the evening from hell because of the “Daddy Effect”

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9 thoughts on “The Daddy Effect”

  1. The amount of times ive text my OH saying “hurry home tonight, he’s a little terror”, only for him to be greeted by a smiling,cuddly little boy? WHAT!!

  2. Totally agree with this! Some days the kids run me ragged, I’ve fed, watered, nurtered them and all I get is whinging. Dad walks through the door and it’s sunshine and light! Agh!!


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