Kian Captures the Colour

I adore taking photographs, admittedly I am not very good at it but it is the perfect way of capturing those little memories.

Last year I entered the Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour Competition and was excited to hear that they were doing it all again……..only this time it was the children’s turn.

We applied to take part in the Kids Capture the Colour competition in conjunction with Venture Photography and Kian was lucky enough receive his very own digital camera.

He adored being in charge of his own camera, especially at Bournemouth Air Festival where he spent much of his time at the shoreline trying to get the best shots of the planes.  He did steal my new baby – a Canon DSLR at one point (and I hate to admit it) but he can use if far better than I.

Kian taking pictures whilst we watch

Here are his entries:


Nana & Grumps live in a beautiful village called Tolpuddle in Dorset and we were invited for lunch before they went on their holidays.  Nana is a keen gardener and has dozens of hanging baskets, tubs and climbers adorning her cottage which are full of colourful flowers.

Kids Capture the Colour


We took a trip to Kingston Lacy for a craft fair on Bank Holiday weekend.  The weather was glorious and we spent a good few hours exploring the grounds.  Eliza adores fairies and she spotted this moss covered tree with a door and knocked gently to see if any were in.

Kids Capture the Colour

Probably one of my favourite and most iconic move of the Red Arrows display, which was dedicated to the memory of Red 4 – Flt. Lt. Jon Egging who sadly died at Bournemouth Air Festival on Kian’s birthday in 2011.

Kids Capture the Colour

Another flower from Nana’s house.  I adore how it stands out from the brick work.

Kids Capture the Colour


I just adore this picture Kian took of the Red Arrows flying into the clouds with their white smoke trailing behind him.  It looks as though he is flying right behind them.

Capture the Colour

We hope you enjoyed looking at Kian’s pictures as much as he enjoyed taking them.

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