Project 365 – Week 38

I think I am suffering from the post school holiday blues as I am desperate to get out and about with the kids but school is getting in the way.

These week I have been helping out by picking up one of my old mindee’s as he started school this week but finished at 1.15pm and mum was at work.  It was lovely having him and Eliza really enjoyed having some company again, but next week he starts full time, so I will have my days back and will get out and about with Eliza.

It really does feel like we have done nothing this week, but I have re-discovered my baking mojo and caught up with some much needed housework and gardening.  I am pleased to report that hubby is feeling better now too.

Here is my week in pictures:
Project 365
258.  All aboard – at Adventure Wonderland with Isaac’s best friend Alfie
259.  Sofa snuggles……don’t mind if I do
260.  They love having Daddy home on his day off – they insist on a dozen bedtime stories and he does the best voices!!
261.  Wrapped up warm as it’s getting a bit chilly for the school run
262.  Scooting to school
263.  Climbing monkey at the park
264.  Teaching my boy how to hoover

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  1. It looks like you have managed to get out and about a fair bit. I know what you mean about the holidays though, we had such a lovely summer and I have really missed the children. Are you going back to child minding again?


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