A Gentleman’s Bedside Book – Review

I have to admit I am not much of a reader since the kids have come along, however hubby does like to relax in bed with a book in the morning before getting up.

The book is a great gift for a man and is filled with facts, stories, ideas and instructions which he finds very amusing and insists that on sharing with us when he finally makes it downstairs.  He is well known in our circles for his humorous facebook updates and I personally think he should follow the stand-up comedian route.  This book has been the perfect aid for adding to his repertoire!

He has taken the Health & Safety madness stories into work and used them to wind his team up and apparently there are ten ways to grow a perfect Moustache – who knew?

I am not sure I approve of the “useful foreign chat up lines” or “how to dissolve your wife” features, but the I can see the International Swearing Dictionary coming in handy one day.

Described as constantly surprising and ridiculously fascinating, this book would make a great gift for the man that has everything – just be aware that there may be some random facts and figures dropped into conversation from now on.

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