Ben & Holly Personalised Book Review

Eliza adores Ben & Holly and I have to admit it is one of my favourites too.  Dolly Plum is my favourite episode!

You can imagine our excitement when Penwizard announced that they were making a Ben & Holly personalised book, as Eliza adored her personalised Peppa Pig story.

It is really easy to order.  You can select what your Elf or Fairy looks like by changing hair style / colour, eye colour, skin tone and even add glasses if you need to.  You also add your child’s name and their date of birth.

The book took just two days to arrive and I am thrilled with the result.


The story is based on the episode where Holly forgets it is Ben’s birthday and tries to use magic to make his card but it doesn’t work, only in this book it is Eliza’s birthday and Ben and Holly work together to make her the perfect birthday card.  They even include her real birthday date!


The book uses great quality paper and the colours really stand out.  You can choose between hard back or paper back and can even personalise with a forward – I chose to have this book sent to Eliza from Ben & Holly.  Eliza calls herself a Princess Fairy – hence the wording!

Eliza loved the book and insisted on examining it in great detail after I had read her the story and excitedly pointed to herself on the pages.


Eliza’s Birthday has become the book of choice at bedtime now.  The only thing it is missing is the chance to add another character as Isaac would have liked to be in the story too, although we do add his name in.


A gift for your child that they will treasure forever!

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  1. Might have to get this for Monkey’s birthday, he is mad about Ben and Holly – he can repeat episodes almost word for word!


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