Project 365 – Week 39

This week started with a trip to the park on Sunday, which started off with learning to fly a kite and then turned into an amazing afternoon which saw Hampshire Air Ambulance land in the field where we had been just minutes before – we even got our own personal tour!

We haven’t been far this week, just the local park but on Wednesday Isaac and his best buddy Alfie went to see the local karate club called Little Ninja’s to see if they would like to join.  They have their trial lesson next week and cannot wait.

The end of the week saw Sebastian have his second set of immunisations so he has been a little grumpy and Isaac was off school on Friday with a tummy bug and is still laid low today. Fingers crossed we can get out for some much needed fresh air tomorrow.

265.  Looking at the Hampshire Air Ambulance after it landed in our local park
266.  Because all little girls go to bed with a tiara and wings
267.  Enjoying the zipline with daddy
268.  Isaac and his bestie off to Little Ninja’s
269.  Enjoying swimming lessons
270.  Teaching Eliza to blow bubbles
271.  Chilling in his DooMoo

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