The Gallery – Through the eyes of my phone

I wish camera phones had been invented when my eldest children were little – back in the dark ages I relied on my trusty old Kodak camera, rolls of film and spent a fortune with Truprint.  Sadly all my photo’s of them as babies are now in the loft in boxes full of albums, which rarely see the light of day.

Nowadays, we have digital camera’s and now a decent camera on our phone which makes the art of taking photo’s much more fun and far more accessible.

I was having a look last night and chuckling at some of the pictures we had taken on our phones a few years ago – they were hazy and grainy but full of memories.  These days we have apps to edit them, give them funky frames and even add special effects.

My husband found a brilliant new iphone app called Picture in Picture (PIP) which I think is perfect for today’s Gallery theme.

PIP Camera
You can have so much fun creating images with it that really suit the photograph.  I love this one of Eliza swimming:
PIP Camera
And this one taken in the car when she realised I had forgotten her snack!

PIP Camera
This is my entry into stickyfingersblog Gallery.

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