Project 365 – Week 40

WEEK 40!!

Where is this year going…………only 12 more weeks until 2014 *insert expletive here*

This week Isaac has been poorly and off school, Sebastian is full of cold and Eliza has just had her flu immunisations so it has definitely been the quietest week we have had for a while.

Sebastian has had a weigh in and now comes in at 15lb 10oz and has jumped another centile on his chart.  Even the health visitor was surprised at how much he has grown and he has managed to roll from his front to his back, just not the other way.

Here is my quiet week in pictures…….

272.  Making their very own animation at the BFX Festival
273.  Eliza building her train track
274.  Wonder if you can guess what someone had for breakfast
275.  Isaac is back to school so we had some hopscotch action
276.  Daddy bought this vest in Vegas and it fits already! (It says “Silly Daddy, Boobs are for babies”
277.  Kisses from Eliza 
278.  Jumping fun at the park

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  1. i know – soon be xmas!!!!
    i love the chocolate moustache and the one of Eliza jumping at the park. and look at Sebastian’s face with his sister kissing him – those cheeks! scrumptious x


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