Wallstickers……..easier than wallpaper and just as effective

Decorating can be a nightmare.  I am quite a dab hand with a tin of paint and a roller but anything more complicated and I run in the opposite direction.

I would love a feature wall of wallpaper but I know that I’d get frustrated and give up in my first attempt – I’ve tried before.

Then I discovered wall stickers.

My first purchase of wallstickers was the Birds in a Tree for my dining room and it’s been up for over a year and I love the fact it still gets admired by visitors – I do want to add to it though as they do sell individual bird stickers too.

Spin Collective

My boys also have wall stickers in their room, but having just changed their beds and had their room re-carpeted I wanted to do something a bit different.  It is hard finding something both boys will like as there is such an 8 year age gap, but Red Candy had the perfect sticker set based on computer games.

We moved Isaac’s Batman stickers above his bed and the added the new Pacman / Space invaders theme sticker to the now blank wall.  Both boys love gaming and even though it’s retro, they both love it.

They now have Super Mario on one wall, Space Invaders on the other and Isaac has Batman above his bed.

Now I need to find a new lampshade as they have seriously outgrown this one!!

Wallstickers are inexpensive, easy to apply and make such a difference to any room.  Next on my list is Eliza’s room and our bedroom…….now what to choose.

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