LEGO Galaxy Squad

WARNING:  A hoard of space bugs are taking over the galaxy.  Cocooning everything in their path, these formidable critters are turning entire planets into creepy hive worlds.  Only one team of fearless heroes can stop them:  LEGO Galaxy Squad!  Piloting double function space crafts, the team of heroes and their robot side kicks are ready to take on the swarm of alien insects and save the galaxy!!

Isaac and Kian were happy to help with them with their mission, when we were sent Crater Creeper to review.

Lego Galaxy Squad

Take Galaxy Squad green team leader Chuck Stonebreaker on a mission to exterminate the alien’s Crater Creeper.  Jump into the hero hovercraft and chase after the bug eyed buggoid in the Crater Creeper with insect legs, chomping jaws and flick missiles.  RRP:  £17.99

Aimed at boys aged 7 and over, Kian took charge of this mission.

Kian found the build challenging enough to keep him entertained for about 45 minutes.

I have to say the Crater Creeper is very spider like and almost made me jump when I saw it on the floor.

Kian really likes this set of Galaxy Squad models and his collection of finished models is building on top of his wardrobes…….I am going to need more shelving very soon!

LEGO Galaxy has a great range of additional models from pocket money pieces to large challenging models.

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