Inconsiderate Parking and other Car Park Challanges

After yesterday’s parking fiasco I just had to make it this weeks Ranty Friday.

I have vented my frustrations on the blog before about car parks, but that was more about non-working lifts.  This time it’s the people that just can’t park within the lines.

Granted, some parking spaces are not designed for modern MPV’s but that still shouldn’t mean that people park inconsiderately!  Yesterday in Castlepoint all the parent and toddler spaces were taken so I had to park in a normal space. I managed to get Sebastian and Eliza out of the car and go shopping with no real issues.

When I got back, the car on the left had changed and was parked so close to my car that I couldn’t get Sebastian into the car – how the driver got out I don’t know! 

It’s frustrating enough when trying to get yourself into a car, never mind a baby in a carrytot car seat!  I had similar problems when Sebastian was a bump too!

I popped him on the floor by my feet, ushered Eliza into the car, loaded the pram wheel base and my large supermarket shop into the boot of the car.  It was then I felt I was being watched – there was a car waiting for my space.  I always feel a bit rushed when this happens but I carried on packing the shopping in safely.

Once that was done I closed the boot, move Sebastian to my side of the car and strap Eliza in.  The look on the waiting drivers face is enough to send shivers down my spine.  I can’t get Sebastian in the car from this side as I have Eliza and Isaac’s car seat already strapped in so I have to reverse the car part way out the space to be able to get him in the car, whilst leaving him next to the car……not ideal, especially as it is very windy and he is crying.

By now I can see the waiting driver muttering under his breath, well it may have been louder but by now I’m past caring.  I strap Sebastian in safely – I don’t have an isofix base like Prince William so it takes a bit longer, shut the door and get back in the car.

The waiting driver then spots another space becoming free and moves his car directly behind mine so I can’t move.  I swear he did it deliberately to keep me waiting when I just want to get out of there and get my little ones moving and hopefully to sleep.

Maybe I just should have kept reversing!!


7 thoughts on “Inconsiderate Parking and other Car Park Challanges”

  1. Grrrr don’t even get me started. I am becoming enormously frustrated at inconsiderate parking these days, and tiny spaces when actually cars these days are quite big, and trying to get little ones strapped in. I’m up there with you ranting on my soap box!

  2. Ohh how inconsiderate of the person parking and the waiting driver!! I sometimes think myself lucky I don’t drive…lol

  3. I don’t drive, but when I am in the car with the husband, we have had our fair share of parking nightmares. People don’t seem to realise that if they park less than an inch from our car, we can’t get in.
    I am evil, though, if someone is waiting for our car spot, and is making a song and dance ‘cos we aren’t quite quick enough for them, I am slower, and make them wait! It’s hard getting kids and shopping in a car, people need to learn to be polite and patient!
    Grrr for you!

  4. People without families hogging the family spaces, & even worse able-bodied people taking the disabled spaces, drives me nuts: it seems to be an epidemic around here. It’s so selfish!

  5. When I was in the later stages of being pregnant with twins I ended up not being able to park in lots of car parks. My tum needed the door opened fully – partially just wasn’t enough – and there was no way I could climb over the stick to get out the other side if I was parked in!!


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