Ranty Friday – Why have I been left to get on with it?

I wrote my post yesterday titled 4 months on, where I touch on the fact that I still feel a bit wobbly after my Caesarian.  I should be recovered now, shouldn’t I?  Well that is how I believe others think.

Having thought about it some more overnight after painful twinges, I am actually cross about the way I’ve been treated, or should that be ‘not have been treated’ by the medical professionals I should be under the care of.
Don’t get me wrong, my Caesarian probably saved the life of Sebastian and the care I had in the hospital was second to none, but and it’s a big BUT, once home I seem to have been forgotten about.
I realise that the so-called medical professionals see me as a seasoned pro, I do after all have 6 children. I don’t want their advice on weaning, bathing and winding my child. But it was my first Caesarian section, my first operation and I’ve felt so lost and out of control.  I don’t know what’s normal and what isn’t and having been such an active person even late on in the pregnancy it has been a struggle to stay at home and relax.
I went to the GP with mastitis and mentioned pain with my scar and was told to make another appointment.  A simple request to have a quick look would have been much easier, trying to get a doctor’s appointment is stressful in itself and I got made to feel like I am wasting their time.  It’s perfectly normal to expect aches, pains, tightness and even stinging I was told.
At my 6 week check I asked about exercise but was told to wait at least another 4 weeks but was not given any information on gentle exercises that I can do.  Looking online they seem to focus on pelvic floor and not much else and the Health Visitors at Sebastian’s weigh on have been no help either.My other issue is that post-natal classes cost money – money that we don’t have with me on maternity leave.  They are also reliant on the fact that you won’t have a toddler in tow or have a husband that doesn’t work long hours so he can look after the kids for an hour.Having spoken to people that have had major surgery, they have been given a care plan, regular contact and advice on what you can and can’t do……..why don’t you get that after a caesarian?

I am keen to know what you have done for exercise after a baby.  I did look at the 30 Day Shred and decided there was no way I could do that yet, but I need something.  DVD, website or even a blog???


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  1. I bet if your name was Victoria Beckham or Lady Muck you’d have been given preferential treatment, a personal trainer and a private consultant to visit you daily. Honestly, the system is shocking. Women are having babies every hour of every day yet we are still putting up with this crappy after care.

    Hope you start to get back to normal soon xx

  2. You’re absolutely right. I had a C Section with my second, and there really isn’t any follow-up care or advice. I had him just before lunch on the Mon, and on the Tue morning I was advised paracetamol was my only pain relief option and I was discharged a few hours later. I wanted to go home, of course, but I think sections are commonplace and not considered a big deal now, so it’s a case of ‘just get on with it’. I just built up walking as my exercise thought not until after about 3 months. Really hope you start to feel better soon.

  3. The NHS does fail badly with post partum care. When I talk with friends about their care in other countries it’s vastly different, and better. In France they have a specialist see you to make sure you’re healing, that you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises and if you had a C-section that it’s healed, that you’re managing and doing exercises etc. it’s standard and expected you will work with them and by all accounts it’s very helpful. I tore very badly with my daughter, needed 2 hours of surgery, and had a lot of issues “down there” for nearly 18 months. I had to push, and fight to get specialist input. It’s ridiculous that it’s so hard to get post birth care. Am sorry you’re struggling. Could your health visitor refer you to a physio for exercises and some input? Mine helped me, referred me to a gynae physio who was really helpful.

    • It’s true, in France you get a lot of post-natal care. After I had L in France I had to see a midwife to do my pelvic floor muscle exercises with her until she was happy they were up to scratch again! And that was after a normal birth, a tiny baby and limited tearing. I have found there to be next to no follow-up in the UK, which is fine if everything is ok. I would say it’s time to shout, book in to see a friendly GP, or health visitor, but see someone and don’t stop until you’re happy. Good luck x

  4. Oh Kara I feel for you. I had a c section with the triplets and no help after the c section or with the fact I had 6 children under 6 and a business to manage. I remember very little, every day was a game of survival. I wish I had known about blogging then as it would have filled in the huge blanks in my memory.

  5. Sorry, no idea about postnatal exercise or what can be expected after a c section as I did not have one with my boys but it does sound like you should have expected more support! After all it is a major opp! Hoping you soon feel more like your old self x

  6. I’m really sorry you’re not getting the support you need. If you can find the patience to spend hanging on the line I would try and get a doctor’s appointment and a referral.
    I didn’t have a Caesarian but part of the aftercare of having twins was, during the week they keep you in (pre-term policy) a physio came round. My stomach muscles were a concern so I had a referral. To be honest it didn’t work for me, the appointments were obviously in the week, when I had three under-2’s, so I only attended one appointment but they did give me quite a few exercises. As it was too difficult to keep appointments I made them keep the referral open so I could go back when I was ready… nearly three years on now! x

  7. Ouch. I think sometimes professionals forget that a C Section IS major abdominal surgery.

    If it was anything else we would get a lot of after care but there seems to be a “well you were only pregnant, you haev a healthy baby, what’s your problem” feel about it.

    And just because you have children already doesn;t mean that this pregnancy wont have been different or you heal differently aftewards.

    Have a free hug in the absence of me being able to offer you anything constructive xx


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