The Brica Stretch to Fit Sunshade Review

I have been looking for a sunshade that actually stays attached to the window despite the best efforts of a certain young lady for quite some time.  Thanks to Brica I have actually found it!

I was sent the Stretch to Fit Sunshade to review and was immediatley impressed.

It looks really small but the Stretch to Fit sunshade nearly doubles in size to fit the shape of your car window.

The Push-Lock suction cups (which are also on the Super Scoop bath toy) keep the shade securely in place and have so far foiled a very determined Eliza from removing the sunshade from the window.  There is also no licking required!!

The Opti-View mesh fabric shades baby from irraiting glares without blocking out the drivers view. 

The stretchy material allows you to create a custom fit to most windows and in an additional feature, if you have a large vehicle; two Stretch-to-Fit shades can be snapped together creating an extra-large shade, which I think we will need when we upgrade our car.

I am certainly impressed with this sunshade and will be ordering another shade for the other side of the car and a set for hubby’s too!

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