Bathtime Bonding for Parents

Over a third of parents agree bathtime is the best part of the day.

New research out today reveals that over half of parents (60%) believe bath time to be the best parent-child bonding experience.  Nearly one in ten (9%) of parents agree that bath time beats chatting with their child (6%), meal times (5%) and bed time (3%) as a chance to bond.

The research commissioned by Matey bubble bath also found that over a third of parents (38%) agree that bath time with their children is a highlight of their day with 43% admitting to looking forward to bath time.

However, the research showed that one in four parents (25%) don’t make it home in time from work for their child’s bath.  Over half of mothers (57%) stated it is their responsibility to wash their child.

The research showed that only one in ten (9%) of dads get to bathe their children on average once a week, with a fifth (20%) revealing they take over bathtime duties at the weekend.  Almost half of fathers (42%) said they feel sad if they don’t make bath time more regularly as they miss out on a key bonding experience.

The Top Ten Parent – Child Bonding Experiences chosen by parents were:

  1. Having a cuddle
  2. Playing Together
  3. Reading a Story
  4. Bathtime
  5. Chatting to your Baby
  6. Meal times and feeding
  7. Going for a walk
  8. Bedtime
  9. Watching a film / cartoons
  10. Listening to music
The research did also show that 20% of parents admitted that their little ones had previously become upset before a bath, a quarter revealed their child has had a tantrum whilst in the bath, whilst 17% admitted that their children had a dislike of water and getting wet.

To help parents across the country and to make bathtime more fun and enjoyable experience for children, bubble bath brand Matey has produced a limited edition bathtime book.  The book was written by mum of two; Emma Greaves who beat of competition from hundreds of other mums to become a published author.

Emma submitted her entry about the adventures of the Matey characters – Max Matey, Molly Matey and Peg Leg as a poem, impressing the judging panel.  The book is now being published with a limited edition run of books being sent to mums across the country.

Eliza and Isaac both enjoy the book and tonight, whilst I was drying Sebastian off in my room I could hear Isaac reading it out loud to Eliza…….it was very sweet and I was impressed by the amount of fruity fragranced bubbles that Molly Matey gave us too!

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