The A to Z of Me

I was tagged in this rather challenging meme by MunchiesandMunchkins so you can all learn a little more about me (if you want to)


Advert – I once appeared in an advert on TV washing a car.  Sadly I couldn’t use the product I was advertising as it would have stripped the paint on said car #oops


Blogging – I have been blogging for two years and love it.  It is my online diary and I adore looking back at things we have done with the kids and has brought us some amazing opportunities too.


Childminder – my current job which I love but as a child I always wanted to be Cabin Crew.  My Dad disuaded me and told me it was just a glorified waitress but I really wish I hadn’t listened and followed my dream!


Dorset – I love living here and after being here for the last 16 years I have finally put down roots.  Dorset is fantastic for exploring the great outdoors as we have the Jurassic coast on our doorstep as well as sandy beaches and the New Forest – so much to do and see.  We even get one of my favourite animals visit occasionally too – Dolphins!



Elephants  – I have loved Elephants every since I was little and have been extremely lucky to have been able to ride one, once in Sri Lanka and once in America. 

FXOptions – Before I became a childminder I worked for an Investment Bank as a Client Service Senior Supervisor.  My job involved checking multi-million pound FXOption trades with clients and ensuring any mistakes were corrected which wasn’t as easy at it sounds with stubborn traders involved!


Guppy – My married name.  I have to be honest that I hated my new surname when we got married and working in Tesco where it was put over the tannoy very frequently and met with sniggers by customers didn’t help me bond with it.  However, I have grown to love it despite the jokes I still get to this day!


House  – we are very lucky to own our own home, but we are stuck firmly on the first rung of the ladder and I dream of moving somewhere bigger.  Just need that Lottery Fairy to point her magic wand in our direction.


Illness – I wouldn’t say I am ill, but I have quite a few issues with my skin.  I suffer with Acne Rosacea on my face and constantly look red faced which I hate.  I have looked into having laser treatment to help it but I can’t have it whilst I am breastfeeding as apparently the hormones will make it tricky.  I also suffer with psoriasis in patches on my scalp and body and have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and feet.

Juggling – I often feel like I am juggling far too many balls at once.  Trying to keep the house tidy, keep the kids entertained and update the blog does occasionally get on top of me. Hubby is often frustrated as I tend to let the house fall apart first!

Kids.  I have 6 beautiful children, Abbey 20, Callan 16, Kian, 13, Isaac 5, Eliza 2 and Sebastian 4 months.  I love being a parent despite finding it a challenge at times.


LuluBelle – my nickname my Dad gave me as a child (my middle name is Louise)

Mourinho – as a Chelsea fan I adore him.  His press conferences and interviews are pure genius and I adore his passion for the team.  He may be a bit arrogant but he is top of my list for a dream dinner party guest.


Naive – I fall for the most obvious jokes, believe random things people tell me.  My husband and dad love winding me up and although I have got more wise to it as I have got older they still catch me out sometimes.

Outdoors – where I am happiest.  Wind, rain, snow, sun – you will see us having fun outside whatever the weather.


Photography – I have always loved taking pictures, often spending a fortune getting them printed by Truprint before the introduction of digital camera’s.  I have just bought my first DSLR and hope to take a photography course soon to make my pictures even better.

Quiz – I love quizzes.  I used to write them when I worked in a pub and again when I worked at Tesco for the social evenings.  They were always really popular events and I do miss it.  I have lost some of my general knowledge now and would love to get back into it.

Rollercoaster – I adore Rollercoasters – the faster the better.  I was really disappointed when we went to Disney that I couldn’t go on any (I was heavily pregnant) so I am going to make up for it next year!

Studying – I am currently studying for my NVQ3 in childcare and hope to become a teaching assistant when Sebastian goes to school.

Tesco – I spent 16 years working for Tesco, from the age of 15 to 31.  I worked my way up from a Saturday cashier to a Customer Service Manager.  I still miss all my colleagues although not the politics as the role really changed and you couldn’t manage your staff properly, it was all about procedure!

U –

Unorganised – at work I am great at organisation but I just don’t seem to be able to transfer those skills to home.  I am forever putting things down and forgetting where they are.  I write things on the calendar but don’t look at the calendar.  I drive my husband mad!

V –

Volkswagen Beetle – the first car I actually bought.  I adored my Beetle and lovingly polished the chrome bumpers every week and adored showing it off at VW rally’s etc.  It had an amazing sound system in it too and I may have been a bit of a boy racer as a teenager.


Wife –  I married Andrew in 2005 but we have actually been together since 1998 (with a brief split in 2001).  He is my best friend and my rock and I admire him for taking on my eldest children.  They have really put him to the test as only teens can and although they may not like his discipline they have certainly needed it at times.  Sometimes he is a bit too tough, but takes feedback well.


eXams – Tenuous link I know, but I have 12 GCSE’s and 3 A-Levels (Biology, Geography and Economics).  Can’t say they have ever been any use to me whatsoever!


Yorkshire was where I was born although I do class myself as a southerner as I have lived on the south coast since the age of 2.


Zodiac sign – Gemini.  My birthday is actually 21st June so I am on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer but I have more Gemini traits.  I definitely put on a confident face when I am out and about and love to talk.  I am always keen the start things but lose interest when something new catches my eye!

So that’s the A to Z of me.  I tag:

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Good Luck Ladies!

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  1. Love it! Must have taken you ages to do that lol x I love you were once in an advert – claim to fame 😉 nothing that exciting has ever happened to me! x I ma also a quiz fan. I’m rubbish at them, but I like any activity where everyone gets pissed and shouts at one another in a healthy competitive way! ha x


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