Stickygram Review

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I take a lot of photo’s – some good, some bad but I have some fabulous memories stored forever.

When I was contacted by Stickygram inviting me to review their fridge magnets I jumped at the chance, the only problem I had was choosing just 9 photographs to use.

The website is super simple to use, you simply connect your Instagram account and then choose your photos by clicking the plus button over the ones you want.

9 images cost $14.99 (about £10 depending on the exchange rate) and the postage is included and I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived within 5 days – some UK companies should take note.

They arrive joined together like this but are easy to pull apart, making them an inexpensive gift idea for family and friends.  I am really impressed with the quality and the matt effect on the photographs.

A fantastic inexpensive way of decorating your fridge and displaying your favourite photographs.

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