Where do Apples Come From

Where do apples come from?

As you may have seen from recent news stories, chef Raymond Blanc, stresses the importance of teaching children where food comes from and the importance of fresh ingredients.  


Waitrose runs the ‘Grow & Sell’ campaign with schools, which encourages 7-11 year olds across the UK to grow their own produce and sell it to Waitrose customers. Waitrose want to take this a step further and encourage families to grow their own apples at home.


Why is the apple season later this year?

Apples usually come into season early in September, however this year they have ripened later and have a better flavour thanks to the perfect weather conditions. You may have seen their TV ad recently with Alan Titchmarsh which shows the fantastic variety of British-grown apples available from Waitrose.


Get a taste for apples then grow your own!

Waitrose has challenged me to cook with the children one of their apple recipes using some of Waitrose’s finest apples as well as growing my own apples at home with our very own apple tree!

I have been sent an apple tree fact sheet and children’s garden trowel as well as an apple tree so next year we can bake with our very own home grown apples.

I was hoping to have the tree in the ground by now but as we have had some horrendous weather over the weekend we have yet to plant it, but keep an eye on my blog and I will let you know when it’s done!

My recipe challenge was to make Apple and Ginger puddings – you can find out how we did here!

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