Santa’s Rooftop Scramble – Review

We were sent Santa’s Rooftop Scramble by Ravensburger to review.

Aimed at children age 5 and up this board game is full of the excitement of Christmas! Players take on the role of Santa and have to deliver the right presents to the right houses. The first player to deliver everything on their list wins the game. 


My first tip is to put the game together and read the instructions before you tell the children you are playing it, especially if they are at the lower end of the age range as it took me a good 20 minutes to out the game together and understand the rules.


Each player had 5 “Letters to Santa” and have to collect the present on each letter by spinning the spinner in the middle of the board.  You take it in turns to collect your presents and if you land on Santa you can collect them all in one go.

Once you have collected all of the presents on your list, you must deliver them by throwing a dice and moving around the board.  Each of the “Letters to Santa” has a door number, so you must land on that number to deliver their presents.

To make it more difficult there are a few jokers thrown in, for example, go back to Santa’s workshop as you have a new late letter to Santa, be transported to the other side of the board and give a present to another player.


With true to life presents, such as a Games Console, Teddy, Bike, Train Set and Doll the game is right up to date, but I have to admit we did struggle with it.

Isaac is 5 and found it quite hard to get into the game.  The Letters to Santa were not easy to read for him and he needed a lot of help to understand the rules.

Eliza was on my team and just enjoyed spinning the spinner for me and throwing the dice, but both got bored and wandered off half way through the game as it took too long and we just weren’t landing on the right numbers.

I would aim this game at slightly older children – aged 8+ as it does require patience and concentration but could see this is a fun family game to wind down after your christmas meal!

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