Ducky Ducky does the trick!

Following on from my post about Sebastian’s first swimming lesson it appears we have turned a corner with Eliza.

Like Sebastian and Isaac, Eliza has had swimming lessons from an early age and has always been a great lover of water.  By the age of two she was having swimming lessons without hubby or I in the pool although she has refused been very reluctant to let go of the instructors hand until last week.

A couple of weeks ago there was a shake up of the children in the swimming groups which has mean’t that Eliza has been having lessons with her friend Olive which, due to numbers, they have an instructor each.  The first week Eliza screamed the place down as they wouldn’t hold her hand, although she was swimming perfectly well and I was dreading last weeks class.

Choosing ducks to play “ducky ducky”

It appears I have a different child.  It was the end of term so she knew they would be having fun at the end of the lesson but there was no screaming, just confident swimming.  Eliza loves playing “ducky ducky” – the instructors throw the duck across the pool and the children race to catch them first.  When they do they have to shout, you guessed it, “DUCKY DUCKY!”  

Splashdown Pool

The next plan of action is to slowly reduce the number of floats on her back, but for now I am really proud that she has finally got the confidence to let go.


And then it was time for some fun which saw her get whizzed around the pool aboard a mat wearing as many buoyancy aids as she could……..

Hoarding as many fun swimming games and accessories as she could on her mat…….

 Seeing if she can liberate some toys to take home…….

Spinning around in a circle in her new found party trick……..

 and leaping out of a huge rubber ring.

If you are looking to get your child more water confident then my advice is to just have fun and don’t put pressure on them.  If you don’t want to cart around various buoyancy aids for them, then I have seen this great float suit from Zoggs that can be adjusted to their needs.

Lets hope the progress continues after a weeks half term break!

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