Weaning with Heinz

We’ve reached that point – at 20 weeks Sebastian is showing signs that he is ready to be weaned.

I’ve received so much conflicting advice in all my years as a parent, when I had Abbey you were advised to wean at 12 weeks – suffice to say she really wasn’t interested.  With Callan and Kian it was 16 weeks and both took to it well.

With Isaac and Eliza the advice changed again to 26 weeks.  Isaac was weaned at 16 weeks like his brothers as he needed it but Eliza we weaned at 26 weeks.

Now the health visitors can’t agree – some say wean at 16 weeks and some still say 26! It’s all so confusing so I am trusting my instincts.

Sebastian is starting to take an interest in watching us eat and he is now chewing his fist vigorously as well as waking more often in the night – which all points to the fact he is ready for his first solids.

I have toyed with the idea of baby led weaning but I think I will stick with what I know.
Where possible I will be cooking him fresh meals, blending them down and freezing them but I know that as a busy family I will have to rely on food pouches and jars occasionally.  With this in mind the team at Heinz have just sent me some of their new range of pouches for Sebastian to try.

Available in a variety of of delicious fruit and vegetable recipes they are designed to help mums give their babies a varied diet during the weaning process and are available for ages 4+months and 7+months.

Each pouch range also contains added vitamins and minerals, with each puch providing at least one of baby’s five a day.  The fruit pouches provide 60% of baby’s daily vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system and the savoury pouches contain iron which is important for healthy brain development.

All pouches have no added sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.  For more information visit www.heinzbaby.co.uk.

We can’t wait to try them and I will let you know how we get on!

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