Project 365 – Week 46

It’s week 46 – that means there is only 6 weeks until 2014 and (whispers), only 5 weeks until Christmas.

We started this week off with another trip to Moors Valley, only this time we did the play trail.  Tuesday and Wednesday were hubby’s days off so we got all the monotonous stuff out the way on Wednesday and headed into Bournemouth on Wednesday and had a spot of lunch at Pizza Hut.

Friday saw the kids dressed in spots and stripes for Children In Need and I baked some cakes to sell at the school cake sale.  To say they were popular was an understatement!

Saturday we headed for Peppa Pig World to see Father Christmas.  The whole park was decorated with Christmas Trees and sparkling lights – it was truly magical!

314.  Enjoying the bouncy bee at Moors Valley
315.  I think someone is practising for her nativity – Mary anyone?
316.  She is not letting go of her magazine!
317.  The battle of the balloons – I think we lost
318.  Chocolate Hello Kitty lolly as a treat after school
319.  It’s Children in Need
320.  Christmas has arrived at Peppa Pig World

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  1. oh you got your winter wondefrland visit to PP world. I am sooooo jealous and want to take the boys in dec but just dont have the money 🙁 still, i am glad you all had a wonderful time 🙂 xx


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