The Changing Colours of my Britax Affinity

I adored my Britax Affinity carrycot but Sebastian grew out of it all too quickly so it was time to try out the seat unit.

Sky Blue Colour Pack

The seat unit is multi-position so it can lay flat when they are tiny and sit up once they are big enough to do so.  You can also have it both front and rear facing depending on your preference.  It also comes with a newborn set which is covered in a sheepskin material, but I haven’t used it as the summer was hot.

Sky Blue Colour Pack

Once the seat unit is on you can start having all sorts fun with it as the colour packs are interchangeable!  I started off with the blue but have also been experimenting with the Cool Berry and now the Chilli Red.

Cool Berry Colour Pack
I get comments at school asking if I have a new pushchair and they don’t believe me when I say no!  Each colour pack costs £48 which makes it an inexpensive way of changing the look of the pushchair rather than buying a whole new one and if there are any “accidents” you can just bung the offending colour in the wash and put another on without waiting for it to dry.

Cool Berry Colour Pack

The colour packs come with a seat cover,  strap covers and a hood so you can even mix and match the colours of you so choose (the blue and red look particularly good together) and I think the fossil brown and cactus green would look fab too!

Sky Blue & Chilli Red Colour Pack

Sebastian is very comfortable in his seat and adores being able to see what is going on around him.  The foot muff slides on over the seat and attaches via two small hooks on the seat to stop little ones kicking it off.  I have ordered him a cosy toes for when the colder weather hits though.

Sky Blue & Chilli Red Colour Pack
We went red in honour of meeting Santa!

The rain cover is easy to fit, although I would recommend you open it and practice at home

first, rather than in a freak hailstorm which catches you unaware!  (Lesson Learned).

The raincover is so different to that of any other pushchair I have seen and I love it.  Because if fits snuggly to the seat unit and around the hood it doesn’t come away when it’s windy unlike some other ones, and it is nice and deep when the hood is pulled forward.

The only concern I do has is how well it will cope when Sebastian gets a big bigger.  If he is anything like Eliza he will try and push it off with his feet but only time will tell.

Our Affinity has coped brilliantly with all our outdoor adventures, often being taken off road in the New Forest or at the beach.  It handles lumps and bumps brilliantly and I am happy that Sebastian is comfy thanks to the suspension.

New Forest

The Britax Affinity is even equipped with a unique tag. The system makes it possible for anyone to carry out a status check of a CODE number (, making the illegal sale of stolen items more difficult and providing, therefore, the registered owner with preventative protection from theft.

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**I was sent a Britax Affinity to pushchair to review, however I have purchased the carrycot, changing bag and colour packs to go with it**

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  1. What a great way to change pushchair by just getting a colour pack. Oh how things have come on since my first pushchair (now I feel a little old lol).

  2. First thing was gorgeous kids you have! I could eat your baby up lol. Great idea about changing the colours and also having a spare for any accidents or when the carry cot get dirty.


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