Artec Blocks – the new Block in town

My children adore building with bricks, whether they be wooden, plastic, large or small there is something about designing your own tower / castle / animal.

Let me introduce you to the new block in town – Artec Blocks

Colourful, plastic cubes with square holes on beach face and a single connecting square stud located off centre, these are not like any other block I have ever seen.

Artek blocks are so simple to put together that even Eliza (2) can make realistic models.  Because every block face has a hole you can connect them however you want – horizontally, vertically and even diagonally which makes the possibilities endless.  No more restrictions of stacking one block on top of the other!

We were sent Pouch 54 – so named because it contains 54 pastel pieces.  We have 8 x pieces of the basic cube in each of the colours light pink, light aqua, light yellow, light green and white.  2 x pieces of each colour in a triangle shade and 4 disc eyes.


I love the small pouch as it is easily transportable and can even be used to keep the kids quiet on car journeys!  We have made Monsters, Aliens, Animals, Boats etc etc.


Artec Blocks will be available from Totokidogo from December and would make a perfect stocking filler – just let their imaginations run away with them.

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