Gooey Louie – Review

I am not sure what they were thinking when they invented the game Gooey Louie by my cringe factor is a 5 year old (and I quote) “Best Game EVER”!

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The object of the game is to pick gooey’s out of Louie’s nose without making him sneeze his brains out.

Louie was very easy to assemble although we did have an issue with his brains not staying in place at first.  It is so easy to play that even Eliza can do it and the giggles that were happening from all the children confirmed that they were having great fun.

Ideal Games
Boys will be boys

There are no fancy apparatus to use, you simply pull a gooey out of Louie’s nose with your fingers.

The gooey’s are all placed loose inside Louie’s nose, apart from one with a hook that will trigger the sneeze when tugged out.  There is also one black one which means whoever pulls it out is out of the game.

Since getting the game, it has become a firm favourite and Isaac’s asks to play everyday after school and they don’t seem to care who the winner is as long as the brain shoots across the table, squeaking as it goes!


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