Project 365 – Week 47

*Whispers* I am starting to feel a bit Christmassy.

Not “Let’s put the decorations up” Christmassy, but just the humming along to Christmas carols and admiring all the pretty decorations that seem to be springing up everywhere Christmassy.

It also appears that Isaac and Eliza have been learning their songs for the Nativity.  Eliza keeps singing “We Wish you a Fairy Christmas” and Isaac “Jingle Bells” – I can’t wait to see their performances, it is a definitely a Christmas highlight for me.

I have pretty much finished the Christmas shopping now and just have the wrapping to do (I hate that bit), so if any of you fancy volunteering I’d be most grateful.

Here is my week in pictures.

321.  Boys will be boys – reviewing Gooey Louie
322.  Sebastian wrapped up against the cold in his slightly too large hat!
323.  Eliza running ahead as she was excited to be off swimming
324.  Double Rainbow outside our house
325.  Testing out his new sccoterearz
326.  Pulling funny faces at mummy during Isaac’s swimming lesson
327.  Teaching Isaac how to ice skate

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