Barbie Train and Ride Horse and Doll

Perfect for Every Horse Fan In the new movie, Barbie and her sisters head to the horse academy, where they become friends with some adorable animals. Barbie forms an instant connection with a wild horse she meets in the woods and has an amazing ability to train the beautiful creature. This exciting set celebrates their special bond and features interactive movements and gorgeous fashions that add to the imaginative play. 
The difference between this and other toys is that the Horse actually responds to the Barbie Doll. Eliza loved the horse’s realistic movements — simply press the horse’s forehead to start the horse walking about 10 paces forwards.  Press the button again to see the horse bow and once more to see it stand back up.
You can even control the horse without the button.

Raise Barbie doll’s right arm, and the horse walks toward her. Lower her right arm halfway, and the horse stops. Lower Barbie doll’s arm completely, and the horse executes an affectionate bow. 
The Barbie doll comes dressed in the perfect fashions for a day of horseback riding and training. She wears girly riding outfit with a pink coat, tall black boots, and a matching helmet. The white horse comes equipped with a pink saddle and sports pretty pink streaks in its mane for added hair play. Giddy up for Movie-Inspired Fun. When it’s time to ride, girls can easily clip Barbie doll into the saddle, put her feet in the stirrups, and slip the reins onto her hands.
The set is a perfect accompaniment to the film Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale which is sold separately, as they can act out scenes from the film.

My only grumble is that it doesn’t work on carpet so you need wooden floors or a large table to make it work properly!

    The Barbie Train and Ride Horse and Doll is currently on offer at Asda priced at just £40.

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