Where has she gone?

Where oh where has my Eliza gone?

My calm, cuddly, contented child has suddenly morphed into the devil incarnate!

Think I’m joking?

I moved all pens and pencils out of reach, but somehow one fell through the net and now Percy has been tattooed – permanently!

When asked to tidy her room, Eliza’s response was to don her Rabbit earmuffs and start singing “I can’t hear you Mummy”

I have had to stair gate the kitchen (again) as she can reach into the drawers. often appearing with cake candles, cookie cutters etc.

She takes said stair gate apart (and can open it if she really tries).

She will go and fetch her stool from her ELC piano or her wooden workbench and take it into the kitchen so she can climb on the side to reach the biscuit tin or fruit bowl.

She can often be found stood on the windowsill or in the middle of the dining table.

She deliberately drops her rubbish on the floor and when asked to pick it up, flatly refuses or says “I don’t want to”

Deliberately rips magazines or books and breaks toys, then has the mother of all meltdowns because you can’t fix it!

She answers back!

If you tell her off she retorts “But I don’t want to be naughty!”

I know it is completely normal behaviour for her stage of development, but my goodness does she push all the wrong buttons, especially as her internal body clock has set itself for 5am and shows no sign of moving back to normal.  I just want to cry when she starts bashing toys on her stair gate as she knows I will get up if Sebastian is awake.

Can I have my old Eliza back please!

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