Blue Reef Aquarium – Newquay

During our stay at Trevella Park in Cornwall we got out and about every day, often visiting two attractions in a day as it was out of season and fairly easy to see everything relatively quickly.

We have been to Cornwall a number of times, even staying just outside Newquay but had never been to the Blue Reef Aquarium.



With over 40 naturally themed habitats that take you on a fantastic journey from Cornish waters to exotic seas it looked promising, however we were quite shocked by how small it appeared to be despite its stunning location set just above Towan Beach.
Once inside the kids were greeted by fishy Halloween displays, ghostly Pirate ships and a challenge to find Pumpkins in some of the displays which ensured they were kept amused.
We came face to face with freshwater turtles, watched pulsating jellyfish, met an amazing pufferfish and a rockfish that was difficult to spot.  The Crocodile was a favourite though.
At the Aquarium’s heart there is the giant ocean tank where an underwater tunnel offers incredible views of giant Loggerhead turtle, reef sharks and shoals of colourful fish.
Isaac’s favourite part was a sensory display where he had to put his hand in the box and identify what was inside.  He was so excited, busily asking questions and the member of staff was so patient and encouraging with him, asking if it was hard or soft, rough or smooth.
Inside the boxes were a fossilised (huge and heavy) sharks tooth, seaweed, fish eggs (well rice pudding really but it feels like fish eggs) and the skin of a dog fish.  Each one was shown and described to the children once they had finished guessing.
Eliza wasn’t interested in that so Daddy took her off to watch the Loggerhead Turtle who seemed to wave as he swam past, much to her delight.
Although the kids thoroughly enjoyed the aquarium, it only took us an hour to get around it and at £32.50 for a family of 4 it is quite pricey.
I thought the kids would get a prize for finding all the Pumpkins too, but they were entered into a prize draw instead.
After we left, we took some time to watch the surfers enjoying the waves and had a wander through Newquay with a warning hot chocolate before heading back to the caravan to settle back down for the evening.
I have loved Newquay in the past, but have to admit it seemed full to bursting of shops selling printed t-shirts and jumpers.  Maybe it wasn’t the buzzing town I remembered because it was out of season?

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