Mum and Me Little Explorers

Bathtime is fun time in our house, but it is also a huge part of the bedtime routine for the little ones and they know it is wind down time afterwards.

Cussons Mum & Me have launched the Little Explorers range of bath products, which are perfect to add to stockings for an extra bit of bathtime fun.

Cussons Mum & Me

The funky fizz bath crackles were a hit with my two, although I would have liked them to crackle for a bit longer – think popping candy for the bath.  They fizz and bang as they hit the water before changing to a blue / green colour and then completely dissolving.  They are dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic and contains jojoba oil.

The kids favourite in the range is the Super Soft Squidgy soap.  It comes out of the tin like a mousse and can be shaped, moulded and even bounced in their hands.  It is great for making “getting clean” fun and like the bath crackles is dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic and contains jojoba oil.

Also in the range is a bubbly bath and hair / body wash which has a lovely fresh, fruity scent. I will definitely be buying these again!

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