Project 365 – Week 48

It has been a very quiet week this week as last Sunday saw us heading to the hospital with Sebastian who was struggling with a nasty chest infection.  Thankfully a course of antibiotics and an inhaler has worked its magic and he is much better.

Saturday saw us head to London to go to the Nintendo Christmas event, followed by the PokemonXY event.  The boys were in gaming heaven and have request a Wii U for Christmas and Eliza go to run off her boredom on a quick tour of London Zoo.

Here is our week in pictures:

328.  Mummy’s shoulder bore the brunt of Sebastian storing Calpol in his cheeks
329.  Eliza and Olive networking
330.  Isaac scrunching through the leaves on the way home from school
331.  Eliza and her buddy Olive enjoying their last swimming lesson of the term
332.  Eliza playing with Daisy her Ragdoll
333.  Sebastian tries out his new bath seat
334.  Eliza decorating a cupcake at the Nintendo Christmas event

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