Welcome in 2014 in Style

Unbelievably the end of 2013 is fast approaching, and this means that party season is almost here. Time to dust off the dancing shoes ready for Christmas parties, drinks with old friends and, of course, the main event, New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve parties are surrounded by so much hype that they have to be awesome. Often the pressure kills it, and you don’t have fun because the night itself never quite lives up to the expectation. If you are hosting a New Year’s party this year then you will be feeling double the amount of pressure, as you are responsible for your guest’s night too. Here are a few ways you can make it a night to remember without worrying about the hype.

Choose a theme

A great way to ensure an evening is memorable is to give it a theme that people will remember. Popular themes for New Year parties are casino, old Hollywood glamour, past decades, and in fact anything that has a bit of sparkle and sass. You can deck your house out to match the theme you have chosen, and even tailor the food and drink to fit too. Music and décor are two of the biggest factors in creating an atmosphere, so make sure you can tell what the theme is just from these things. You will also probably want your guests to get involved so they are part of the theme, so have them come in fancy dress to complete the whole effect. You can get some wonderful fancy dress at George so you and your guests can party on a budget.

Add some extras

The key to a successful party is in the little details. Plan things to happen throughout the evening so it is punctuated and the conversation and enjoyment doesn’t run stale. A few fireworks are great if you have a garden to set them off in at midnight. You might also like to have a game during the evening, maybe a murder mystery or something similar that everyone can get involved in. If you are just inviting those closest to you, you could retell old stories to each other and reminisce about years past while you bring in the next one. The little details will stick with you and your guests, so think hard about what you think a fantastic evening would include.

Go with the flow

What makes an evening great isn’t how much money is spent or the amount that there is to do. It is good company and a collection of little memories that make the fantastic bigger ones that stick with you. Don’t put loads of pressure on yourself to have the best evening ever and whatever unfolds will likely be better than if you had overhyped it. Prepare a super backdrop for you and your nearest and dearest, and prepare for an evening to remember.

Eat, drink and be merry, and start the year as you mean to go on. No over the top expectations, no disappointments; just a great time with great friends and family ready for whatever 2014 has to throw at you.

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