Days with the Kids: Spend a Day like a Princess

Spending afternoons with your children can be full of as much fun as you can muster if you know how. Rather than trying to balance the housework, the errands and the kids, spend a day together that revolves all around them. After all, the housework can wait, can’t it?
Most little girls (who are particularly girly) will love the idea of spending a day as a princess. Perhaps this could be a treat for being a good girl, or something to put in her advent calendar instead of a gift. Enjoying experiences together can be an enormous amount of fun and, when girls are involved, the sparklier the better! 

If you have a particularly girly girl on your hands, a princess day could be right up her street. Plan a rough schedule so that you can cram in as much as possible to make her feel truly special. Here are some fabulous ideas to keep the theme running from dawn until dusk. 

Play with princess-themed toys 

When you choose to do this with her is up to you, but spending some time playing with princess-themed toys would be a great option to include in the princess day. As a pre-schooler, playing with her Little People Princess Songs Palace would be perfect, or older girls may wish to play with their princesses and royal dolls. 

Dress up 

What better way to feel like a princess than to dress like one? Tell her that she can choose whatever princess outfit she has and can wear it all day – even if you have to nip out somewhere! 

Decorate a tiara 

Get a little crafty and make a tiara togetherbefore leaving her to her own devices to decorate it how she pleases. Sequins, glitter, feathers, sparkle – the girlier, the better! 

Have a posh afternoon tea 

Set up a picnic blanket in the living room and prepare a cute afternoon tea for you both. Drink out of teacups and eat finger sandwiches and pink cupcakes. 

Plan a royal treasure hunt 

Theme a fun treasure hunt to incorporate various royal aspects, such as themed clues and pretty princess treats along the way. If the weather doesn’t allow you to do this outside, what’s stopping you from doing it inside? 

Before you know it, the sun will be setting and the King will be coming home from work ready to see his little princess’ face and her huge smile. There’s no better way to make your little girl feel special than dedicating a whole day to her!


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