Cheekyshoes have released the Ultimate Run-Around Shoe.

Cheekyshoes were formed by 2 university friends who wanted to make incredibly comfy shoes that made women happy. They pitched the idea for their university business plan competition.
“We lost, but went for it anyway”…..
After growing organically for two years and advertising only on speciality blogs, we got our first round of investment in March 2012 and teamed up with experienced designer, Elizabeth Dunn, to create this new shoe and conquer the world.
Elizabeth Dunn, Creative Director:  “We made a point of speaking to loads of customers and they all said they spend A LOT of time on their feet, but struggled to find genuinely comfy, stylish shoes. So we created the Ultimate Run-Around Shoe.”


We use incredibly supple leathers and linings to make the shoes soft and wearable from the moment they come out of the box – that’s our secret sauce. We also use a lightweight, flexible outsole and an extra cushioned insole.

Cheeky Shoes

When we were developing these shoes, we imagined we were at the beach standing on really fine, warm sand. Our feet were slowly sinking into the sand and that was fitting around our feet perfectly. That’s the feeling we wanted to replicate.
Cheeky Shoes
Some cheeky facts:
     The Ultimate Run-Around Shoe is designed and made in England (London to be precise).
     The shoes are made from incredibly soft leathers, so the shoes mould to the shape of your feet.
     It takes 2 hours 18 minutes to make a pair from start to finish (exactly the same time it took Paula Radcliffe to run the London Marathon in 2002).

     The shoes are available from

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