Are you scared of wearing your favourite Party Dress?

Have you trawled the shops for the perfect festive party dress only never to wear it for fear of wearing it out or damaging it? If so, you are not alone.
Lenor has found that 34% of us limit the amount of times we wear a favourite item for fear of it showing signs of ageing, like bobbling and loss of softness.
1 in 10 people even compare the stress of losing their most loved pieces to having a row with their partner and, as a nation, we throw away £2.7 billion worth of clothes annually as a result of washing mishaps.

No wonder we’re scared to invest in beautiful dresses!
Relegating our favourite clothes to the back of the wardrobe is, however, not the answer. Lenor’s new formula is designed to help extend the longevity of your favourite clothes by helping to protect them from the no.1 cause of fabric damage, repeated washing. Wearing our favourite outfits can make us look and feel amazing, giving a confidence boost we should enjoy every day. To encourage this, Lenor has created the ‘Forever Fashion’ campaign, spreading the word that it is possible to live in the clothes we love.
In anticipation of festive party season, and the anxiety induced by sparkly, sequined and complex festive fabrics, we would like to invite you to help us spread the word about the Forever Fashion campaign.
Lenor ambassador and stylist Brix Smith-Start has also put together some seasonal styling tips to inspire and encourage you to choose and enjoy clothes that make you feel fantastic, unbridled by wash-related concern.

For example:
If you’re on the hunt for a special outfit then come prepared! Make sure you hit the fitting room armed with correct underwear, heels and a hairbrush. The true test of whether the colour is good for your skin tone will shine through even better if you don’t wear makeup. When you do wear makeup this will be the icing on the cake. These secret weapons will help you to get a better sense of whether the piece really works for you or not.

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