A Midwife Crisis

No, I’m not pregnant (again) and no it’s not a current news story!

This was the title of my son Isaac’s Christmas performance.

Bearwood School
Gorgeous backdrop made by the children

Much as I enjoyed watching the kids act, sing and dance it did make me wonder what is wrong with a good old fashioned nativity?

I love seeing kids dressed up as Angels, Shepherds, Sheep, the Three Wise Men, The Inn Keeper and even the donkey, telling the tale of Mary and Joseph.

“A Midwife Crisis” was all about a very important midwife who was called upon to deliver the newborn King in Bethlehem (on a mobile phone).

The Midwife set off with her Donkey (Steve) and a satnav in search of Mary and Joseph, bumping in to Townspeople and Soldiers, Shepherds with their sheep, The Three Wise Men and a very bright star.  Steve (the Donkey) had a comedic role as he came up with all the good ideas, but “no-one listens to a donkey”.  Mary’s Donkey had a very hard night too and was called Nigel!

To cut a long story short, she arrived too late and baby Jesus was already lying in his manger when she got there as she had been looking for a palace in Bethlehem and not a stable.

I would have much preferred a traditional nativity with a chorus of Little Donkey and Silent Night – are children now going to believe that mobile phones and sat nave existed 2,000 years ago?

That said, the children threw themselves into it with great gusto and did a fantastic performance.

Bearwood School

Isaac was proudly doing all his dance moves and singing his heart out whilst my heart swelled with pride.  I’ve no doubt that he is a little performer and hope that his confidence gets him a main part when it’s his turn next year.

Sadly due to the school rules I am unable post a video of the children performing but here is Isaac singing one of the songs from A Midwife Crisis.

9 thoughts on “A Midwife Crisis”

  1. I think it is a shame that the story is modernised like this. I like the traditional nativity and have fond memories of performing it when I was little. As long as everyone enjoyed it, I suppose that’s the main thing 🙂

  2. Too cute! I have been meaning to get Ozzy on film doing his songs and this is the push I needed! I love a Nativity old stylee or new, it’s all about the festive atmosphere and celebrating the children showing what they have learnt and rehearsed x

  3. lol @ the name of it! I suppose they have to change it a bit every year to keep things interesting?? I’m so gutted my 5 year old was ill and missed his nativity on the day we were supposed to be going in to watch! I’ll have to try and get the dvd as he did it the day before but they assign you a day to watch due to where your last name comes in the alphabet!

  4. Oh bless, this theme must be doing the rounds, as I’m sure thats what year 1-2 were doing this week at Monkey’s school.

  5. I guess it’s a teacher with a political agenda and a point to make ?
    Well so long as the shepherds wore teatowels on their heads it’s traditional enough for me 🙂

  6. I can’t stand it when they modernise stuff like this… Makes you fee slightly cheated doesn’t it? But then again, we don’t have them at all here!… 😀


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