24 weeks

I cannot believe that Sebastian is 24 weeks old – he is almost 6 months old.

He weighs an impressive 18lb although he has been quite poorly with a nasty chest infection and he has dropped down from the 75th centile to the 50th this month.

His little personality is really starting to shine through now.  He is still a chilled out boy, but rewards us with beaming smiles and infectious chuckles when bounced, thrown in the air or tickled now.


His favourite song is “row row row your boat” and he especially likes the bit where we meet a polar bear and shiver and he loves it when Daddy sings (clean versions) of Chelsea chants.

He has finally managed to roll both ways and although he is nowhere near crawling, he does manage to wiggle and roll his way off his playmat to get to whatever has caught his eye.

Sebastian is a real babbler too, revelling in the sound of his own voice.  It was really odd when he got a chest infection and he lost his voice and he really did try and communicate with us, getting frustrated that no sound came out.

We have started the weaning journey and he is a big fan of fruit, sweet potato and butternut squash.  I have taken the route of pureed food over baby led weaning as it is what I know and he is not quite sitting up yet.  I am sure it won’t be long though.

On a personal note I finally feel back to my old self following my c-section.  I cannot believe out has taken 6 months, but I cam no move freely without any form of pain.  The scar itself is still a little sensitive and can be sore at times but this is due to the nerves knitting back together.

Happy 6 months Sebby – can’t wait to see what the next six brings!

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