Spreading a bit of Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a time for giving, whether it’s presents, food, love or friendship, it’s certainly a magical time of year. It’s a time where we see communities and families come together to celebrate and embrace in the seasons good will.
Marks and Spencer’s knows that it’s not all about  the gifts you receive, but also what you give back and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

As part of their ‘Spread Christmas Cheer’ campaign, now it’s the countdown to Christmas they offered me the opportunity to make someone else’s life better in my community this Christmas by providing me with a £20 M&S voucher to spend on a neighbour, friend, or local organisation to help spread Christmas Cheer.

Talking to my friend Joanne, a local blogger at www.charliemoos.co.uk I discovered that she had also been invited to take part in the program and we both had the same idea of who we wanted to support – Julia’s House.

Julia’s House is Dorset’s only hospice dedicated to children with life-limiting conditions. The majority of the children they care for are unlikely to live beyond the age of 18 and they have provided so much support for my friends,  Jade and her son George and Zoe and her son Samuel who you can read about on her blog trickycustomer.com
Julia's House
Joanne and I decided that the staff do so much to help the children have a magical Christmas that they deserved a treat too, so we made them a hamper full of Christmas treats, including Bucks Fizz, yummy biscuits, sweets, mince pies and more!

Delivering our Hamper to Julia’s House

We were also lucky enough to be given a brief tour of the downstairs. The newly refurbished reception had a wonderful seaside theme that was truly impressive, the turtles riding the current a la Finding Nemo’s EAC was stunning and whoever did that tiling deserves a medal – it was stunning and must have taken days to complete.

The garden was filled with decorations and the round blobs you can see on the trees were actually bells.  I can see why Julia’s House is described as magical.

Julia’s House featured heavily on BBC’s Children in Need and rely on the support of such charities to continue doing the amazing work they do.  If you wish to make a donation just click the link!

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  1. what a worthwhile cause and its lovely you both got picked so were able to go together and give double the gifts to them. the new turtle mural looks amazing


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