Minecraft Paper Craft Review

Minecraft – my eldest boys are obsessed with the game.  They play it on their Xbox, their PC and even on their phone and I have to admit I just don’t get it!

Sometimes I despair of the game and am often met with the response “just one more minute” which normally means at least another ten followed by me threatening to remove the power source on order to tear them away.

I have been eager to get them away from their consoles and technology so when I was offered Minecraft Paper Craft by Character Options Kian was eager to try it out.

So what is it exactly?
Inspired by the hit video game, Minecraft, it is an easy-to-build Paper Craft activity set which includes over 48 pieces at 1/16 scale. 
This set includes: Steve, Tame Wolf, Furnace x 2, Wooden Door x 2, Wooden Plank Block x 18, Brick Block x 6, Glass Block x 2, Cobblestone Block x 12, Stickers x 6 and Minecraft Mortar paper tape!

The set enables you to build your own papercraft Minecraft world.  Every Minecraft player needs to build some sort of shelter at some point – whether it’s made of dirt and wood, or a fine brick house with fancy glass windows.


Aimed at age 6 and over I thought the set may be a little young for Kian (13), but he loved it.  He sat for an entire evening building his PaperCraft Minecraft set and it is now proudly displayed on top of his wardrobe.

A great way of getting any Minecraft fan off the computer and doing some crafting!

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