Project 365 2014 – Week One

I am still in shock that I managed to complete last years 365.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and although most of my photo’s were taken on my trusty iPhone it did inspire me to buy a DSLR.  I am still learning how to use it and am looking forward to doing a course later in the year.
This is a short week photograph wise and the weather has been rubbish so they are not the most inspired set of photo’s but it is my week!

Happy New Year to all of you and I cannot wait to see what delights this years photographs bring!

Day 1:  We are a normal family honest!  Here we have a lion in deep conversation with a Kangaroo whilst cuddling a Panda?

Day 2:  Kian gets stuck into his Lord of the Rings LEGO set
Day 3:  Our worst day weather wise.  The thunder and lightening was overhead and instead of being scared, my two were getting impatient for the next lightening bolt!
Day 4:  It has become a family tradition that we go to the Pantomime at The Mayflower in Southampton on the first Saturday on the new year.  This year was Robinson Crusoe with Brian Conley and Lesley Joseph and I can honestly say I was crying with laughter the whole way through as were the rest of the family.  There were 14 of us there!


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14 thoughts on “Project 365 2014 – Week One”

  1. well done on completitng the 2013 version and i hope you do aswell this year 🙂
    i absolutely adore that first photo of your family in their animal onesies soooo cute. we have had some awful weather here too doesnt make it appealing to go out i n x x

  2. The onesie photo is brilliant! My two have Santa ones and so I think with onesies anything goes. Pants sounds fab, I didn’t get round to booking anything this year and the boys are really disappointed!

  3. Sounds like you’ve had quite a busy week already Kara! Well done completing 365 last year – guess who’s joining you this year does silly dance

  4. I can’t wait to take The Boy to the panto, hope he grows out of this not coping with naughtiness soon! Well done on completing the year, I look forward to seeing more dSLR action in 2014.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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