Take five with a few online games

Everyone needs a break and some ways to take five now and then, and mums with young kids need some time to themselves just as much as everyone else. Although from the outside, it may seem that a stay at home mum has it made and can down tools whenever they feel like it, the reality is simply not like that.
 In fact, sometimes it’s harder for a SAHM to factor in some me time than it is for someone who has an office job and childcare arranged away from home. There’s also that sense with a lot of SAHMs that they simply don’t think they deserve to have a break during the day as they’re in a privileged position to be at home.
 But no-one’s superhuman and if you spend all your waking hours in the role of mum, there’s a strong possibility you’ll go a little stir crazy every now and then. Five minutes of downtime here and there can do you and your children the power of good.
 So how to take those five minute breaks and what to do in them? Thankfully, our options are so much greater than they were for previous generations thanks to the existence of the internet. There’s a whole world of diversions out there, all available from our laptop, smartphone or tablet.
 There’s a lot to be said for getting into online games, especially those that don’t really require any mental effort. When you’re frazzled by a toddler tantrum, you want to be able to clear your head and relax, not have to think about a clever strategy to win a game!
 Joining an online casino is a great option as there are so many different games to play all in one place – perfect for giving you a bit of variety. Take a look at www.onlinecasinobluebook.com/uk for a review of the top ten casino sites in the UK. It shows you where the best bonuses are and which sites give the best payout percentages.
The best thing about most of the casino sites is that you don’t actually have to pay to play. If you only want the fun of playing, you can play many of the games in demo mode. The games run through as if you were playing for real money, but you’re just using virtual (and valueless) coins, so there’s no risk involved whatsoever. That way, you can get the entertainment without feeling like you’re wasting cash!
Demo mode is also a great way to learn the rules of a new game if you do want to play it for real money at some stage. This kind of practice isn’t always necessary for something straightforward like playing slots, but it can come in very handy for novices to roulette, baccarat or craps.
The great thing about online games like this is that you can tap into them whenever you have a couple of minutes. It’s a great antidote to stress and you’ll feel ready to get on with the daily routine again when you’ve had a break.


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