Project 365 2014 – Week 2

OK, I will admit it……I was so relieved that the kids returned to school this week.  It’s not that I don’t love them being at home, but they were ready to get back to school and I needed a bit of routine back in the house, especially as hubby doesn’t have a day off between boxing day and the end of January!

My week has involved the return to swimming lessons, an introduction to Beavers and getting back on track with my childcare course.

Here is my week in pictures:

5.  Sebastian being entertained by my Storm Trooper son Callan!
6.  My tutor signed off 3 units of my Childcare NVQ and I am back on track to finish in February
7.  Isaac wasn’t impressed with being told to get ready for school, so got dressed into his “home” clothes but did his reading homework without being asked!
8.  Eliza was so excited to be going back to her swimming lessons and seeing her friend Olive that she shot off like a rocket!
9.  Sebastian was bouncing like mad in his jumperoo one minute and the next he was sound asleep!
10.  Isaac’s first night at Beavers was a resounding success.  They made chocolate rice krispie cakes and he ate his in the car on the way home to stop his siblings getting to it.
11.  The weather picked up today so we headed to the beach to see the damage done by the storms.  Isaac and Eliza thoroughly enjoyed exploring the newly formed sand dunes and leaping off the promenade into the sand which is normally level with the concrete!

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  1. Sounds like its been a big week Kara! Great news you’ll finish your NVQ in February, not far away at all. Love the photo of Seb sleeping and the last one. Just fabulous 🙂


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