Birthday Shopping after Christmas

My family often joke with me about bad planning as three of my children have June birthday’s alongside me and two others are either side in April and August.  Poor Eliza is the odd one out with her birthday in January and I remember discussing how worried I was with my GP when I was pregnant as I had only ever had summer babies.

My GP reassured me it was a lovely time to have a baby as by the time you started venturing out and about she would be a bit older and able to join in the fun.  She was right, but now I have hit on another problem.  We have just got Christmas out of the way and although she wasn’t over-run with toys, what she did get was what she asked Father Christmas for and she is still playing with them non-stop.

Rocket and Rose
Eliza plays Doc McStuffins

“What’s the problem?” I hear you ask……..

What do we get her for her birthday?

I want to make a fuss, I want to get her a present that she really really wants but when you ask her what she wants she just doesn’t know.  This is the first year she will have a party as she has a small group of friends she sees regularly and I have had great fun with girlie party bag ideas – such a change after boys!

What would you get a 3 year old girl?

She has a microscooter, her brothers balance bike, a toy kitchen and enough cuddly toys to sink a battle ship.  I am fast running out of room for anything else too!

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  1. We also have this problem as my youngest has a birthday just before Christmas. We ask some relatives to give him money or vouchers at Christmas so that in the summer when Christmas and birthdays are a distant memory and he really wants something he then has the money to buy it. He couldn’t think of anything he wanted at Christmas but has some Amazon vouchers ready to use in a few months’ time.


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