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We know the job market has never been tougher  for young people with one in five young people unemployed. With fewer opportunities and more competition parents of young adults are looking for advice to give their kids the best possible chance to succeed.

My daughter has worked incredibly hard and has a decent job but I do worry about my son who is due to finish school in June as it’s really tough out there for young people starting out in their careers. The job market they are entering is one of the toughest we’ve seen in decades.

  • Over one in five (21%) young people aged 16-24 are out of work
  • 664,000 young people are out of work in the UK according to the Office of National Statistics
  • There are 24 unemployed people chasing each retail vacancy available, and 50 for each office vacancy. In the weaker job market area, the figures were 66 and 44 respectively (Joseph Rowntree Foundation).
  • Almost 60% of students finished university last summer without a graduate job according to research.
  • It’s also tough emotionally for young people looking for work and it’s not uncommon for continual rejection to impact on their self esteem
  • It’s no longer good enough just to have good grades to get into further education / get a job – young people need to get experience.

My son is looking to go down the Apprenticeship route, but with a huge number of other applicants he needs as much assistance as he can find.


This is where vInspired’s FREE Job Jumpstarter Pack comes in. The pack will help young people looking for work boost their chances and present themselves in the best possible way when looking for jobs.

The FREE pack contains:

  • CV templates and tips to make a great first impression.
  • An interview checklist, test questions and answers to come across as confident and competent.
  • Application form advice to get noticed for the right reasons.
  • Advice on building a LinkedIn profile to build networks
  • How to get voluntary experience through vInspired, giving you the experience to get your dream job
  • Plus inspiring real life stories from people who’ve been in your shoes, plus online awareness advice and more

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22 thoughts on “Job Jumpstarter Pack”

  1. What a great idea. It was a scary enough prospect when I left school to have to find a job – can’t imagine what it is like now with so many people applying for the same jobs.

  2. The job jumpstarter pack sounds like a wonderful idea. I know when I was young, I had no idea how to even start looking for a job. This will be of so much help to so many.

  3. This looks great. It’s getting harder and harder for young people to get into the job market and this will give those who want to be proactive a bit of a heads up. Good luck to your son, I hope it all works out for him.

  4. It is so hard out there today for young people just taking their first steps. Every year it becomes harder and harder. Good luck to your son, I hope he gets the internship he wants.

  5. Wow, 50 out-of-work people for each office vacancy? If that figure is the same here in the Netherlands, I understand why my husband, who has a certificate in bookkeeping only, is having a hard time finding work.

  6. Thank you for this post – my son doesn’t leave school for a couple of years yet, but he is already thinking about jobs and careers when he is finished. After going to his report evening last night, where he received a very good report which I was over the moon with – he is doing better than I thought, we had a chat in the car on the drive home about what he wanted to do, and how it scares me about the lack of job opportunities that there are.

    He has got work experience soon, and this pack will help him with the interview techniques for that, as well as learn valuable skills for when the time comes.


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