Bigjigs Fantasyland Jigsaw Puzzle

As part of our final Play Patrol mission, we were sent the Fantasyland Floor Puzzle to review.

Aimed at ages 2-4, it is packed full of brightly illustrated characters and mythical creatures, including Princesses, Unicorns, Castles, Knights and even a dragon, ensuring there is plenty to look at and talk about.

Bigjigs Fantasyland Floor Puzzle


Eliza looked a little bewildered when we got it out of the box as it is much bigger than anything we have done before, so I separated the middle pieces from the corners and edges and we got down to work with some help from my godson Connor.



Once the edges started coming together we used lots of describing words to identify which pieces were needed next and it soon became fun trying to find the pictures on the next jigsaw piece that matched.



It is ideal for developing coordination and dexterity as well as matching pictures, colours and even counting the pieces and because it is made of wood it will really stand the test of time!

It may have been challenging at first but Connor and Eliza were more than pleased with the finished result!

Bigjigs Jigswa


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  1. I love floor puzzles, and this one looks really great. A good size for the pieces and a lovely picture. I am sure every child would enjoy it! (mine really loved doing puzzles like this when they were younger)


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