Oven Pride – An Oven Cleaner that really works!

What is the ONE job that you avoid at home.

I dislike housework as a whole, but it just has to be done.  Hubby has finally accepted that we will never have a show home but the house is clean (if not particularly tidy).

The one job that sees me running for the hills is cleaning the oven, in fact, in the past I have paid an oven cleaning company to do it for me, such as Oven cleaning Milton Keynes

In fact, I was sent some Oven Pride to review before Christmas and I have only just done it now because I procrastinated that much.

Oven Pride promises to make oven cleaning less of a nightmare, but did it live up to its promise?

Oven Pride

My oven was, if I am completely honest, in a terrible state despite having it professionally cleaned earlier in the year.  The cleaner that came out them almost refused to do it and then proceeded to read my the riot act about how I should clean it once a month.  Despite all good intentions, this didn’t happen!

In the Oven Pride box was:

  • Bottle of cleaner
  • A bag to put the shelves in
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Clear Instructions

The first thing that struck me was all the warnings – this stuff is powerful so you need to ensure that you wear rubber gloves and ensure that your wrists are covered too.

The first part of the process was easy.  Simply pop the shelves into the bag provided and pour in 3/4 of the cleaning solution in the bottle, seal and leave to soak.  After at least 2 hours, flip the back over to ensure the shelves get a good coating.

The remainder of the mixture is poured into the bottom of the oven and gentle rubbed around the areas you wish to clean and left to soak for a minimum of 4 hours, or preferably overnight.

Easy so far!

The next morning, I set about wiping the oven down.

I strongly recommend you put some newspaper down to protect the floor as it is a messy business.  I was shocked by just how much grime there was and was pleasantly surprised by how well it had cleaned the oven with no scrubbing.  I kept a small amount of mixture in the bottle to reapply to the more stubborn bits, although these mostly refused to budge with a sponge.  I did manage to clear most of it with a scourer but I think some wire wool would have done a better job.

As for the shelves – these came out sparkling.  I took them out of the bag and rinsed them under warm water.  A light rub with the sponge and they were almost as good as new, apart from a few stubborn areas at the joins.

Oven Pride

If you are looking for an oven cleaner that requires no elbow grease and very little fuss – this is it!

Oven Pride

Oven Pride is available in all good supermarkets.

20 thoughts on “Oven Pride – An Oven Cleaner that really works!”

  1. I have never cleaned my oven racks before, but I would sure like to do it. I have a self cleaning oven and you have to take the racks out before you clean it…. so the racks are always dirty.

  2. Well done for getting involved and doing it yourself. I loathe cleaning the oven so much that I must confess I get it professionally cleaned and then cover the bottom of the oven in aluminium foil to catch anything that might make it even slightly grimy. I’m a total cleaning wimp


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