Microscooters for Mums

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that I took part in my part of the Team Honk Relay aboard a Microscooter.

Not just any Microscooter though…………

The Micro Floral (White).

It’s new, exclusive floral patterned Micro White scooter combines style with substance making it ideal for style conscious adults and older children.


micro floral whte

I have often been envious of the children on their micro scooters and now I have my very own (although Abbey has been offering to take it for a spin for me).


Firstly, Eliza and Isaac put me through an intense training program to get me ready for the Team Honk Relay.  It took me a few minutes to really find my balance (and confidence) but I soon got the hang of it.  The scooter glides along effortlessly because of the longer lower deck and it has larger wheels and a bigger frame which better supports the taller rider.




I was soon whizzing off, challenging the kids to a race.  Not only is it good for toning the legs, but I also felt it working at my core muscles as I fought to stay upright.  It does hurt your legs after a while so I had to change sides which was a little tricky at first.

I love being able to join in the fun with the kids and I cannot wait for some better weather so we can get out more and have less sand to avoid.  Unfortunately Sebastian is still in his pram and it will be a while before he gets a microscooter of his own so hubby and I take it in turns to push whilst the other gets to scoot.  I will definitely be investing in a more manly one for hubby in the future though.


I have fallen in love with scooting and I use my scooter to nip to the local shop when I am child free, and even to pick the kids up from school.  A few of the local mums have had a spin too and I think I may have started a new craze.


14 thoughts on “Microscooters for Mums”

  1. I was massively into roller skating all through my teens and twenties. Reading this and seeing the photos has made me want to go to my Dad’s and get them out of his attic. I’d love to whizz around like you’ve described with the added bonus of toning up my legs.
    It’ll be great when you no longer have the buggy – there’ll be no stopping you all 🙂
    Liska xx


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