Project 365 2014 – Week 7

It has another tough week here.  I couldn’t share last week but hubby lost his job for the second time in 18 months last week and although I have loved having him home to help, the stress of job hunting isn’t a pleasant one especially when there doesn’t seem to be much around that calls for his skills.

Still, life goes on and we made the best of it.


week 7, project 365


40.  We saw a break in the weather and headed down to the beach aboard our scooters

41.  I am a founder member of a local networking group, supporting mums in business and it was my turn to give a talk about all things blogging.  I expected a couple of people to turn up but there were 26 and I was terrified! (Photo credit to

42.  The weather was horrific so we had a day at home.  I am busy introducing Sebastian to the delights of finger foods

43.  Kian and Eliza help me out with bath time

44.  It was a little chilly today and Sebastian was sporting not one, but two sets of Teddy Bear ears for the school run

45.  We headed out to Build a Bear to review their store and find out all about their Million Hearts, Million Wishes campaign.  They treated Eliza like a Princess and her new My Little Pony has barely left her side since

46.  We had a birthday party at our local Soft Play centre and this was the first time Sebastian got to join in.  By joining in, I mean gazing at himself in the mirror with the occasional tap of a ball!


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31 thoughts on “Project 365 2014 – Week 7”

  1. Ugh. Sorry to hear about the job loss. We’ve had redundancy experience here and now OH has set up his own business. Huge drop in income and never been so stressed but we’re getting there. Hope it all turns out for the good. And well done on your business support work – give me a room full of adults to speak to and I crumble – 30 kiddies, fine! 😉 x

  2. oh no Kara i am so sorry about hubby and his job situation 🙁 that sucks.
    well done to you though giving a speech about blogging to all those ladies wow! Your children have such adorable faces and Sebastian clearly loves havig his siblings help him at bathtime x

  3. So sorry to hear about your husband’s job Kara, hopefully he’ll find something soon. Definitely make the most of it until then. Well done on your blogging talk, I’m sure you were brilliant. I do love the idea of Build a Bear, we must look into it at some point 🙂

  4. So sorry to hear about your husband losing his job, my hubby lost his in October and there’s just nothing coming up for him at all, it’s so difficult. I hope they both find something soon! Sebastian in the bear suit is my favourite photo this week, I love bear suits x

  5. So sorry to hear about your husband, I hope he finds something else quickly. But well done on your networking speech. Do I spy a Twilight Sparkle from Build a Bear in there too? We have one of those too! 🙂

  6. How awful losing a job again. JOb hunting is the pits. We are lucky that we don’t have a mortgage and have some savings so Hubby taking redundancy in December means we are coping OK while he looks for a job.
    Hope he finds something soon.

  7. sorry to hear about your husbands redundancy, the same thing happened to mine year before last. it hit him quite hard. fingers crossed for you all that something comes along sooner rather than later x

  8. So sorry to hear about your husband’s news and I hope something for his skills will turn up! I am at risk in a restructure at work too and it’s such a stressful time. Congratulations on your crowd and lovely snuggly pictures!

  9. Sorry to hear about your husband’s job – hope he finds something quickly and without too much stress. Sounds like a good week otherwise though – love the photo of her with the My Little Pony and a fab one of you at the event! Well done you! x

  10. Ooh get you at the networking talk; a new career for you maybe?? Sorry to hear the news about your husband’s job, I hope he finds something else soon. Love the bear ears shot, he looks so cute


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