Magic Pancake Possibilities Box

When I was contacted by Warburtons to see if I wanted to receive their full sensory fun packed pancake kit, with a few exciting surprise features, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more.

My family love pancakes but we are a little stuck in our ways with our toppings, so when this arrived there was a lot of excited squealing (and that was just hubby).

When we opened the box it started playing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Pure Imagination – a fabulous touch.


The kids couldn’t wait to get stuck in and all hoped that the arrow would land on Marmite for hubby (he is a hater).

The flavours we had to try were:

  1. Chilli Jam and Lime
  2. Granola and Shaved Coconut
  3. Dried Banana and Cinnamon
  4. Chocolate and Popping Candy
  5. Feta Cheese and Mint Leaves
  6. Marmite and Mascarpone
  7. Pancetta and Pistachio



Without a shadow of a doubt the chocolate and popping candy was the hit of the morning, although Isaac didn’t like the feeling in his mouth.

I really enjoyed the Granola and shaved coconut and the dried banana and cinnamon, but wasn’t sure of the savoury options.  I prefer Marmite on my toast.

The chilli jam almost blew hubby’s head off, much to the amusement of the kids.

As for the pancakes, they were delicious and I was really surprised by how well they go with all the different flavours we were sent to try.  Eliza did stick to her tried and tested Maple syrup though.

I am going to cheat tonight and give them these pancakes for dessert, but this time topped with whipped cream, ice cream and summer fruits – Yummy!


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