Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf

I am quite confident about breastfeeding in public.

I have breastfeeding attire in my wardrobe ranging from dressed to tops and even the breast vest which enables me to wear my own tops and still breastfeed discreetly.

However, there are occasions where I do feel exposed, stared at and even uncomfortable.  I was even asked to leave a childs’ party recently and feed Sebastian in the toilet.

Then I was offered the Snoob Scarf to review.

The website describes it as versatile, discreet and above all stylish.

Made from 100% cotton jersey it is super soft.  It comes in a large circle of material which you simply loop around your neck twice to be worn as a scarf.  I forgot my coat when I took Eliza ice skating and it was the perfect addition to my outfit to keep me warm.

Snoob Scarf

Proof that the Snoob will outlast your breastfeeding days.

To use as a breastfeeding scarf you simply un-loop the scarf once and use the material to cover you and the baby as much or as little as you like.

Snoob Scarf


Sebastian is 8 months now and it covers him well.


Scoob Scarf



He has a tendency to want to know what is going on around him, especially if its noisy like it was in the soft play centre, but I covered him up so he couldn’t see what was going on and he snuggled in for a much needed snooze.


Snoob Scarf



Because the snob scarf has plenty of material there is no need to move the scarf when swapping sides and your dignity is maintained.  You can even use it as a blanket if need be.

The other added bonus is that it hides that post baby tummy when worn as a scarf – always a bonus!

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